Action Plan på gång!


Denna gång är texten på engelska  - för variationens skull.

Planen dträcker sig fram till att alla ansökan är skickade i december 2017. 


Step 1 (already done): Networking with NGO:s that does not self search money from founders - but has need for money.

Step 2 (Wednesday 18th October 2017): Gather reference group in Medborgarskolan Helsingborg för brainstorming about activities.

Step 3 (October 2017): Plan for activities in Älskade Sverige project.

Step 4 (October/November 2017): Send NGO:s letter of intention to fill in what they can help with - for sponsorship in exchange.

Step 5 (December 2017): Search money from social funds (f ex Attach letters of intention and reference groups discussion and conclusions.

Step 6 (during 2018): When money raised - start planned projects one by one.

IDEA 1 is integration through discovering together beauty of country you are living in.

IDEA 2 is inspire others with no habit of going in nature. Give them knowledge and self confidence.

IDEA 3 is part time job for 1. project leaders and 2. inspirators.

IDEA 4 is "Nature Heal" movement in Familjen Helsingborg.

3 year project

Target 1: BVC, Vuxenutbildning, Kompisnätet

Target 2: NGO:s with focus on nature

Target 3: Mixed group of inspirators - educate to project leaders


People to do activities

Information on paper

Information - digital

Lessons about outdoors

Money for all of that